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34.5 percent more passengers in the first quarter

In total, 294,126 passengers flew to and from Memmingen in the first three months of 2018. This represents an increase of 34.5 percent compared to the first quarter of 2017, when 218,689 passengers were counted. “We are on the fast lane,” says airport manager Ralf Schmid. “The figures show that our offer is correct and met with a great response among passengers from all over southern Germany and the neighboring countries.” In addition to the attractive destinations, low-cost parking and the short distances provided by the airport were responsible for the increased demand. “In the meantime,” says Schmid, “more and more regulars have declared Memmingen their favorite airport.”
Also in terms of capacity utilization, the airport was able to grow again. The average utilization in the first quarter was 85.23 percent (previous year: 82.65 percent). In the first quarter of 2018, most passengers again decided for London, which traditionally occupies the top position in Memmingen. Followed by Moscow, Kiev, Sofia and Porto. The destination with the best capacity utilization was Tenerife with a rate of 91.72 percent. Followed by the connections to Skopje, Moscow, Malaga and Kiev.
Airport Managing Director Ralf Schmid expects a new passenger record for the current year. “We will probably welcome around 1.4 million passengers.” Numerous new routes will also help to make the flight schedule even more attractive. Zadar in Croatia, Athens, Polish Katowice and the Egyptian Hurghada are further summer destinations. In winter Marrakech, Brindisi, Edinburgh and Lviv (Ukraine) are added.


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Twice a week to sunny beach

Ryanair started their new route from Memmingen to Burgas

Why not spending Easter at the black sea in Bulgaria? That was the mindset of 188 passengers who took the first flight from Memmingen to Burgas this morning (Tuesday 27th of March). With a full airplane did Ryanair launch the new route to the Bulgarian vacation spot, the second summer destination in Bulgaria, following Varna, with a rising number of guests.

Burgas, the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, is located in a bay of the black sea, surrounded by national parks. The so-called sunny beach is a popular destination for families and became an inexpensive alternative to the Mediterranean Sea in the last few years. At the ten kilometer long promenade you can find many hotels, apartments, bars and restaurants.

“We are certain that Burgas will be a highly demanded destination, as Varna has been very popular as well.” said airport sales director Marcel Schütz, when welcoming the crew of the maiden flight. It is a well-known tradition that the first crew receives a sweet surprise. The fact that the first flight is almost fully booked shows, that the new routes is a perfect addition the Airport Memmingens offer.

The flights will leave Memmingen twice a week, Tuesday and Saturday at 12:55 am and in return from Burgas at 11:10 am.

The next sunny premiere will be on May 8th, when Ryanair takes off to Zadar, Croatia for the first time.

Sweet arrival at Memmingen Airport: Sales director Marcel Schütz, college Franziska Spannagel and Ryanair marketing assistant Denis Barabas welcome the first flight crew with a Bavarian styled ginger bread heard

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From October with Ryanair to Lviv

After Wizz Air flies to the capital Kiev up to seven times a week this summer, Ryanair will be offering a new connection from Memmingen to Lviv this fall. Memmingen Airport is becoming an increasingly important link between Bavaria and Ukraine.

From October 31st every Wednesday and on Fridays Ryanair takes off from Memmingen to Lviv, the seventh largest city in the Ukraine with around 730,000 inhabitants. “With the two metropolises of Kiev and Lviv, we cover a large market in the Ukraine and in Eastern Poland,” explains Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz.

The Ukrainian Lviv, today the capital of Eastern Galicia, is one of the most beautiful cities in the region. The historic city center is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Lviv City Hall and many historic buildings have been extensively restored and renovated in recent years. Palaces, churches and monasteries announce the former wealth of the city. Art Nouveau buildings point to the years of the Austrian k.u.k. monarchy. In addition, the cultural scene in Lviv is known throughout Ukraine and beyond its borders.

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More destinations, more flights and more seats: Memmingen is on the rise

43 destinations on three continents in the new summer schedule 2018

New destination, more flights, more seats and approximately 30 percent more passengers to the previous year. Memmingen Airport starts the summer season on Sunday 25th of March like never before.

With 43 destinations in Europe, Asia and Northern Africa, the summer schedule 2018 promises to break records. “We expect a passenger increase of 30 percent to the previous summer season” says Ralf Schmid, managing director. “That would make about 990.000 passengers just in summer, a number higher than in the total of 2016.”

The reasons for the rapid rise and the growing offer are the good experience airlines, especially Ryanair and Wizz Air, are making at Memmingen. “We are pleased that our major partners are constantly extending their offers.” tells Schmid. Recently Ryanair announced the route to Zadar/Croatia following the new destinations Burgas in Bulgaria and greek capital Athens. One extra flight a week will leave to both Mallorca and Alicante.

The newest offer by Wizz Air will be a flight to polish city Katowice, twice a week. As a result of the huge demand, Wizz Air will provide additional flights on several routes, for example to Kiev, Sibiu, Belgrade and Tuzla. Furthermore the airline will exchange the Airbus A320 with the, by 50 seats bigger aircraft A321.

Summer season is also the season of charter flights, a segment that is growing in Memmingen as well. FTI, Europe’s fourth largest tour operator, included flights from Memmingen to Hurghada into its program. FlyEgypt will fly to the touristic Hot Spot are the red sea. A roundtrip to Scotland in June is a special offer by DER Tour, from Memmingen to Edinburgh with airline Germania. The popular journeys to Corsica by tou operator Rhomberg Reisen and Naples by Amos Reisen can once again be booked this summer. Both destinations will be flown to by Austrian airline Peoples. The annual pilgrimage to Lourdes organized by “Bayrische Pilgerreisen”, will once again take place from 24th until the 28th of May. All journeys can be booked in every travel agency and directly at the tour operator.

Memmingen Airport is valued by many passengers for its low parking rates. If booked on time (at least 28 days in advance), travelers can profit of our vacation special of 29,95 Euro a week. Book online on and save money.

The overview of our summer schedule with all times and destination can be found on

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Taking off October 28th: From Memmingen to Marrakesh

Ryanair continues to expand their offer

Zadar, Edinburgh and Brindisi were just the beginning. Irish Airline Ryanair does not slow down in their offer from Memmingen Airport for the winter season: New will also be Marrakesh.

“Coming winter timetable has what it takes”, says Managing Director Ralf Schmid expectantly. When in previous years, the number of connections usually was reduced in October, this year three new routes will be added (Zadar only is a summer destination). “Never before we were able to present such an attractive winter schedule” emphasizes Schmid. This growth is a result of the very successful establishment of the Ryanair base at the Allgäu Airport. Furthermore Wizz Air and Pobeda offer another 15 connections focused on Eastern Europe, which complete the transport network over all of Europe and farther.

Many passengers have eagerly waited for Marrakesh to make a comeback to the timetable. The magical city in Morocco fascinates with its oriental flair, tradition, and is the perfect starting point for interesting round trips. Together with the second Moroccan destination Fes, attractive travel combinations by booking open jaw flights can be discovered. Flights from Memmingen to Marrakesh will take off from October 28th, every Sunday and Wednesday at 11.05 am. The flight time is three hours 40 minutes.

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Let’s go Apulia: Brindisi is the next destination

Ryainair names another destination from Memmingen Airport

“Around the World in Eighty Days” author Jules Vernes let his main character travel from Paris to Brindisi by train. Now Ryanair makes it possible to fly from Memmingen to the seaport in southern Italy. The airline will bring its passengers twice a week to Apulia.

The summer flight plan hasn’t even started yet, when the airlines are already eager to announce their destination for the coming winter: First Scottish capital Edinburgh, now Brindisi is added to the list of cities you can visit from Memmingen Airport by October. The 90.000 citizen city in Apulia is the perfect starting point for exploring southern Italy. “The flight will also be frequently used by people with italian heritage as well as their friends and relatives” says Sales Director of Memmingen Airport, Marcel Schütz. The connection will start October 29th, every Monday and Friday at 8.30am. The airport Brindisi is located only three kilometers away from the city center.

Brindisi used to be known as the “door to the orient” and is an important harbor for cargo and tourism nowadays still. The beautiful holiday places, one of Italys most important national parks, the popular thermal springs, the castle and fortress and the famous St. Giovanni al Sepolcro church attract people from all over the world.

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From Memmingen to Edinburgh in October

Memmingen Airport welcomes Scottish Skier
By the end of October Edinburgh will be again added to the destinations flown to by Ryanair, twice a week from Memmingen.

After a short break, Edinburgh will be once again part of Memmingens flight plan. Starting October 30th Ryanair is going to fly to the Scottish capital every Tuesday and Saturday. The time of flight is 2 hours 15 minutes. Bookings are already available.
“The experience with routes like Dublin and London showed that many skiers fly to Memmingen to go to winter sport areas like the Allgäu, Vorarlberg or Tirol.” explains Marcel Schütz, Sales Director of Memmingen Airport. But Scottlands second largest city is also worth a trip in every season. The most famous sights of Edinburgh include Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyrood house, the National Gallery of Scotland,
Princes Street and the royal Yacht Britannia. Very popular is also the Royal Mile, a mile long street leading through the Old Town alongside many significant sights.

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With Ryanair to Zadar in Croatia

For long it has been on the wish list of many passengers: From 8th of May, Ryanair will fly three times a week to Zadar on the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.

“With Croatia, we are rounding up our offer for the Mediterranean,” emphasizes Allgäu Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. The flight days allow a very flexible vacation planning – from a short trip to a long round trip. Zadar is the ideal starting point for a seaside holiday on the coast or on one of the numerous offshore islands. There are also three nature parks and five national parks in the area. With Zadar, Memmingen Airport will be able to offer 42 destinations this summer.

Flights are bookable on

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Annual review: Memmingen Airport lands new record in 2017

The balance sheet of the past financial year 2017 lists the record value of 1,179,875 passengers. This corresponds to an increase of 18.37 percent over the previous year. A total of 21 airlines flew Memmingen in scheduled and charter operations, serving 60 destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia.

In the past year not only the 10th anniversary of civil aviation at Memmingen Airport was celebrated, in November Airport CEO Ralf Schmid also welcomed the millionth passenger of the year 2017. The airport not only plays an ever-increasing role among passengers, it is also an important part of the route network for many airlines. Ryanair, for example, declared last year the airport to one of their base and stationed a plane on-site, which not only meant six new routes but also gave the region 35 additional jobs. Of the 21 airlines that flew to Memmingen in 2017, six did regular scheduled flights. The others were charters for tour operators and companies of the region. Ryanair, Wizzair and the Russian Pobeda are the top customers of the airport. They regularly served 35 destinations in Europe, Africa and Asia. The spectrum ranges from Tenerife in the west to the Georgian Kutaisi and Moscow in the east, from northern Stockholm to Fez in Morocco. In total, 60 destinations were served last year. This resulted in a total of 20,620 flight movements, an increase of 7.8 percent compared to the previous year (19,122). At the top of the list was London Stansted, followed by Sofia, Moscow, Porto and Kiev. August 22nd, with 5,708 passengers, marked the day with the most passengers in its Memmingen airport history so far. September was the top month of the year with 124,481 passengers, closely followed by October with 124,126 passengers.

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New: with short stopover to Lisbon

Memmingen Airport gets a new destination in Portugal: Ryanair offers flights to Lisbon with a short stopover in Porto from 5th of January 2018.

The Irish airline has been successfully offering transfer services at the Italian airports of Rome Fiumicino and Milan Bergamo for quite some time and is now extending this service to Porto Airport. “This is a great enrichment to our offer and opens up additional destinations for our passengers,” emphasizes Memmingen Airport Sales Manager Marcel Schütz. Anyone checking in at Memmingen will receive its luggage in Lisbon and will be able to reach the next flight in Porto. For both flights you get a booking number. The new offer is part of Ryanair’s AlwaysGettingBetter service offensive.

Tickets are bookable on

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