With bus & train to Memmingen Airport

With public transport and scheduled busses you can easily reach Memmingen Airport. The stop of all busses to Memmingen train station as well as to Munich and Zurich are directly in front of the terminal

Allgäu Airport Express

Several times a day, adapted to the flight times, Allgäu Airport Express is offering a service between Munich central station and Memmingen Airport. Driving time is approx. 1 hour and 20 minutes (non-stop).
Oneway ticket:

  • online booking: from 15,- € (children under 12 years from 8,- €)
  • cash in the bus: from 20,- € (children under 12 years from 10,- €)

Additionally the route Munich – Memmingen Airport – St. Gallen – Zurich – Dornbirn – Memmingen Airport  is served.



With Germany’s leading long-distance coach provider you can also reach Memmingen Airport. The following routes are offered by FLiXBUS via Memmingen Airport:

Line 029 direction Oberstdorf
Memmingen (Airport) → Memmingen ZOB → Kempten (Allgäu) Central station→ Immenstadt (Jahnstraße) → Sonthofen (Eichendorffstraße) → Fischen Bf (Bahnhofstraße) → Oberstdorf Bf (Im Steinach)

Line 029 direction Jena ZOB
Memmingen (Airport) → Munich ZOB → Nürnberg ZOB (Willy-Brandt-Platz) → Erlangen Bf (Parkplatzstraße) → Bamberg Bf (Ludwigstraße) → Coburg ZOB → Suhl/Zella-Mehlis Bf → Erfurt Hbf (Kurt-Schumacher-Straße) → Weimar Hauptbahnhof → Jena Busbahnhof (Bf Paradies)


Bus to the train station and ZOB Memmingen

With the bus lines 2 and 810/811 you can easily reach the train station and the central bus station Memmingen.

Line 810/811 Krumbach – Memmingen – Babenhausen
Line 2 Allgäu Airport – ZOB Memmingen – Allgäu Airport

Bus timetable 2017 - Memmingen train station & ZOB

The one way journey from the train station to the Airport or from the Airport to Memmingen train station costs € 3.00 and for children between 4-14 years € 2.25.


Memmingen train station, is only approx. 4.5 kilometres away from the airport. It is the intersection of the trunk lines Dortmund-Ulm-Memmingen-Oberstdorf and Munich-Augsburg-Memmingen-Lindau/Bregenz-Zurich. Exact timetables can be found on www.bahn.com.