Frequently asked questions about Corona tests at the airport

Yes, you can be tested for Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 at Memmingen Airport. There are two test options available.

  • Passengers arriving from a risk area must either be tested within 48 hours before entering the country or immediately after entering the country (legal basis). Therefore arriving passengers will get transported immediately from the airplane to the Corona test center located in the security area.
  • All arriving passangers are tested free of charge.
  • The test center for the voluntary tests is located on car park 1 in front of the terminal.
  • There is no test option for departing passengers and residents.

The corona tests are exclusively available for arriving passengers.

Yes. The mandatory as well as the voluntary test are free of charge.

Both the mandatory test and the voluntary test option can be carried out without prior registration. However, it is possible to register in advance. To reduce the waiting time, we recommend to register before the test at

Passengers who arrive at the Airport Memmingen and plan on staying in Germany have to get tested.

The following passengers do not have to be tested:
Passengers who bring a negative coronavirus test on arrival (no more than 48 hours old, language German or English) within the meaning of paragraph 2 of § 1 in ordinance of the Federal Ministry of Health on the obligation to test for people entering from risk areas (Compulsory test),

Passengers who can prove by showing available documents (f.e. a bus ticket) that they will leave Germany immediately after arrival on a direct route (f.e. residence in Austria or Switzerland),

Passengers not arriving from a risk area and who did not stay in a risk area 14 days before arrival in Memmingen Airport,

Passengers who have only travelled through a risk area without any stopover,

Passengers who are not subject to the obligation to go into quarantine after arriving from a risk area because of exceptions provided by state law of the residence or the first abode,

Children up to and including 6 years old (Children younger than 2 years old do not get tested). Children between 2 and 6 years old can get tested voluntarily.

The test itself, including the throat swab takes only a few seconds. However you will have to sign in with your contact details for the transmission of your test results before getting the test done. Depending on the amount of passengers at the register desk and the test station there may be a waiting period of up to an hour.

Wearing a face mask is compulsory in the corona test center and in the whole terminal. Passengers have to keep distance according to the sixth Bavarian infection protecting regulation (Bayerische Infektionsschutzverordnung 6. BayIfSMV) from June 19, 2020.
For the registration you will be asked for your name and address (home address and address of the accommodation for the next 14 days, if different from the home address), a valid mobile number and an e-mail address. This data are necessary to inform you about the test results in accordance with data protection law.
You also need a valid identification document (passport, identity card) and the current boarding pass.
With prior online registration, you need the QR code that was sent by e-mail after the online registration.

The test result will be sent to you within 48 hours, depending on the test volume. The test result will be communicated by e-mail as a PDF file. To open this file a verification code will be needed. This will get sent as an SMS to the given mobile number.

If the test result is positive for SARS-CoV-2, the laboratory will inform the responsible health authority, which will contact you by telephone to discuss further action. Minimize your contacts immediately and move to a suitable place in quarantine. Wait for the instructions of the responsible local health authority or contact them yourself by telephone.

If you have any further questions on test and the result, please call +49 211 688 750 601 or +49 211 688 750 602, or send an e-mail to

Please have the number under the QR code ready when you contact Ecolog. You can find this on the document handed out as part of the test.

Tested passengers can continue their journey to the final destination in compliance with the distance rules and will get notified as soon as the test result is available. Usually this takes up to 48 hours.
Please keep in mind that passengers arriving from a risk area have to proceed to their final destination immediately and isolate themselves until receiving a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result. If the test result is positive for SARS-CoV-2, the laboratory will inform the responsible health authority, which will contact you by telephone to discuss further action.

You will find the details of exceptions, for example a negative test result at the entry quarantine regulation.

The test center for voluntary tests near P1 is open to all arrivals of scheduled flights. The test center in the security area is open for every arrival of scheduled flights from risk areas.